Frequently Asked Questions


INTDESTCOIN has enabled the validation of any digital content with no geographic location restrictions.

INTD was created to integrate the financial ecosystem of INTDEST services.

No, the functionality of INTDESTCOIN is not only limited to selling and hedging tools.

The optimized trading algorithm in INTDESTCOIN can be one of the most popular payment tools for global investors.

The real use of INTD in its ecosystem is as a reference currency in cash services such as FX, NFT and MUZINT and use in all INTDEST services.

INTD has a controlled inflation rate.

The plan to reduce the inflation rate of INTD will be released over time.

The idea of the INTD network can be used by a wide range of people.

INTD is practical, economical, valuable, and creates a suitable economic incentive for its holders.

The economic incentive for INTD holders is that with the injection of funds, all INTDEST services are approaching their profitability level.

Yes, INTD holders will be shareholders of all INTDEST services.

INTD will be distributed fairly and most of the tokens will not be in the hands of the project team, and its supply rate will be controlled and gradual.

INTD will be transferred to its main network, XCHAIN, which has its blockchain.

The four main issues with blockchain technology are private blockchains, scalability, security, and interoperability.

The difficulty with private blockchains is that they are too closed-off (or permissioned) and centralized.

The issue with scalability in blockchain technology is that it impedes the speed at which information is processed by the network.

Interoperability in blockchain technology refers to the lack of compatibility between different blockchains.

INTD aims to simplify interactions between networks by providing a solution based on the multidimensionality of transactions.

XCHAIN is the main network that INTD will be transferred to, which has its blockchain and is compatible with all active blockchains.

INTD Portal is a comprehensive-decentralized platform that offers a range of features to its users.

The INTD DApp is a user-friendly interface for accessing the various services offered by INTD, including the Dashboard and Community.

The dashboard offers real-time updates on various project statistics, including the limitless crypto exchange and crypto market cap.

The Community section provides a platform for users to engage with one another and share information about INTD and other cryptocurrencies.

The three main sections of the INTD wallet are wallet, transactions, and decentralized exchange.

The decentralized exchange section of INTD provides users with the ability to sell their INTD in a Peer-to-peer manner or register a purchase order.

All digital currencies can be traded on the INTD DApp at the best price and lowest gas fee.

INTD CEX is the limitless crypto exchange portal that is seamlessly integrated with the INTD DApp.

The Intdest NFT market is a hub for NFT-related activities that offers a wide selection of Intdest Galaxy Project's unique and valuable NFTs.

INTD provides a dedicated support team to assist with any issues.

XCHAIN is a blockchain that is being developed and offers fast speeds and seamless connectivity.

XCHAIN represents a turning point in the realization of the X project and is the result of the love and passion of a group of programmers.

XCHAIN is different from other blockchains with the same name because it is a separate and flexible network that is not based on EVM.

The benefits of using X infrastructure include high processing speed, lack of network difficulty, low-energy consumption, and low network fees.

Transactions on XCHAIN are processed within 0.8 seconds.

INTDPAY is an innovative technology that optimizes the flow of cash between users and businesses, allowing for quick payment processing.

AUDIT Solutions is responsible for keeping the blockchain safe and uses advanced artificial intelligence technology and a manual code review to protect smart contracts.

The target audience for INTDESTCOIN is investors and traders who value XCHAIN ideals in the industry

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