What is intdestcoin

Posted on 2023-03-14

  • INTDESTCOIN is an ecosystem that validates value for anything, anywhere.
  • INTDESTCOIN has enabled the validation of any digital content with no geographic location restrictions.
  • INTD was created to integrate the financial ecosystem of INTDEST services.
  • The functionality of INTDESTCOIN is not only limited to selling and hedging tools. But with the optimized trading algorithm, it can be one of the most popular payment tools for global investors.
  • INTD has a real use in its ecosystem: use in all INTDEST services and reference currency in cash services such as FX, NFT and MUZINT
  • INTD has a controlled inflation rate and plans to release plans to reduce its inflation rate over time.
  • The INTD network follows an idea that can be used by a wide range of people.
  • INTD is practical, economical, and valuable.
  • INTD creates a suitable economic incentive for its holders. Because with the injection of funds, all INTDEST services are approaching their profitability level.
  • INTD holders will be shareholders of all INTDEST services.
  • INTD will be distributed fairly and most of the tokens will not be in the hands of the project team, and its supply rate will be controlled and gradual.
  • INTD will be transferred to its main network, XCHAIN, which has its blockchain.

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