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Posted on 2023-03-14 Updated on 2023-03-14

There are 4 main issues with blockchain technology: private blockchains, scalability, security, and interoperability. Private blockchains have been criticized for being too closed-off (or permissioned) and centralized.

In order for a company to establish a private blockchain network, they must have the ability to control who has access to the network. This restriction will prevent large numbers of potential users from joining the network. Scaleability and security issues impede the speed at which information is processed by the network and the security of the information once it reaches its destination, respectively. This causes transaction times to be slower than they could be, and also leads banks to be hesitant to trust this new form of currency due to security concerns. Interoperability refers to the lack of compatibility between different blockchains.

The current blockchain landscape consists of hundreds of different cryptocurrencies that cannot interact with one another, causing an issue when transferring assets between networks. INTD aims to simplify interactions between networks by providing a solution based on the multidimensionality of transactions. This will enable INTD to integrate with all existing blockchain networks. When the main blockchain of INTD is online with the name XCHAIN, this will be achieved. This blockchain is compatible with all active blockchains, allowing for transactions to be completed quickly and cheaply with the bridges created.

Therefore, the sentence: A solution for the evolution of the blockchain world It can be used for INTD and XCHAIN. Most projects begin their work based on one or two achievements that need to be started and completed.

However, INTDEST is a project-oriented technology company that has managed and implemented large security, cyber, and technology projects for years. Each of the INTDEST services is a project with great potential. Most of the INTDEST services rely on the base cryptocurrency, INTD, both for payment and earnings. INTD holders are, in fact, a kind of INTDEST shareholder. We have been working on this project for over a year and a half now. Our team grew from a few people to several dozen people, and all team members, with sincerity and love, brought the project to this level. Our credibility depends on the trust of investors and users. Those who join the INTD family, after some time, usually send a request for help and cooperation to the team. Could we assist you with this? This means a sense of credibility based on trust. We have no concerns about disclosing the team name, team profile, investors, owners, and founders of INTDEST.

A specific company with a specific roadmap and an active community. People who have questions, suggestions, or criticisms about this can express them easily in groups and social networks. Any plan that the team wants to implement, any program that is on the agenda, will be immediately accessible to the users. Even when it came to an airdrop, we showed the generosity of INTD and didn't think about profits. Almost 300,000 dollars worth of INTD was distributed among participants in the airdrop, after INTD was listed. We bought them ourselves to ensure there was no doubt and to prevent anyone from being discouraged or upset. Our credibility, the trust of users, and the trust of INTD users and community, is our capital! Our organization operates with a multi-centered management. All of our teammates have contributed from different countries around the world, and we've considered each members' ideas to be important.

We held numerous meetings and analyzed thoroughly. Until we were able to reach the point of project implementation, we continued to explore various approaches. The project implementation costs were provided by the senior managers of the company, and the project began. INTDEST is a large company with the original name INTDEST TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LTD. INTDEST operates under the parent company C.A.K International. And is registered in the United Kingdom with registration number 14312449. If you visit the INTDEST.COM website, you will be able to see the background of the parent company, its fields of activity, and how it was formed. You will also be able to see its extent. Our locations are in the following countries: United Kingdom, Turkey, and UAE, among other places. Our team includes engineers from Turkey, Ukraine, the United States, South Africa, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan.

The future has not yet arrived. But you can build a very bright future.

The goal of INTD is to spread decentralized technology to all levels of finance, data, health, economics, and culture.

We are confident that with the efforts we make day and night, we will reach the goal we mentioned.

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